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Liz and I met in 1978 in Windsor Methodist Church, the same church where we were later married on 2 January 1982. For two years we lived in Harlington, in Bedfordshire, before going out to Zürich in Switzerland for a year, where we first fell in love with Bernese Mountain Dogs, of which we have owned three over the years.

Upon our return to the UK, in 1995, we moved to Knebworth in Hertfordshire, known to many the world over because of the rock concerts which periodically take place in the grounds of the local stately home. Liz, who is a dental surgeon, now runs her own surgery, The Village Dental Practice, in the the village. Each year she and her two nurses, Su and Tracey, spend two weeks in Tanzania with the charity Bridge2Aid (see ). If you would like to read about their exploits, click here.

Most Sunday mornings Liz and I are to be found at Trinity Church in the village (see ).

We have two sons, Luke (1988) and Adam (1990).



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