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Any independent consultant is reliant upon a network of other people with whom they work on assignments and who offer a range of services that complement their own. Below you will find a list, in alphabetical order, of people with whom I work from time to time. To access the web-site of any of theses associates, simply click on the logo or picture in the left-hand box


Anthony Day and I worked together on a number of euro-related assignments. He now specialises in lecturing and consulting on climate change and sustainable business strategies.


Maggie Peake is my sister-in-law (wife's sister) and she provides interview-based consultancy and qualitative market research services.


Harry Puckering is my brother-in-law (wife's sister's husband). He runs his own consultancy, offering a range of team-building and motivational services, as well as training and learning programmes. His clients include both small and large companies and he has done a lot of work in the Middle East.


John Turner and I worked together on a number of euro-related assignments. In 2005, to my great surprise (and, probably, his!) John, together with his wife, Catherine and their two boys, moved to St Helena, a 49 sq mile island in the South Atlantic, where John was Managing Director of the local bank for three years. They still live on the island and now run Burgh House Limited, which offers a range of consultancy services. Given that the only way off the island is by an infrequent Royal Mail Ship, their target clientèle is somewhat limited.


Diana Wright offers a range of consultancy services which take an innovative approach to equality and diversity and corporate social responsibility.