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It is important not to underestimate the power of the internet as a marketing tool. Many individuals have set up companies bearing their own name (e.g. Fred Williams and Associates), only to find that, when using a search engine, their company appears half-way down the umpteenth page, making it difficult to locate for anyone interested in finding out more about the services offered.

In late 2001, when I decided to set out by myself, I did a lot of research into what to call the new company. One of the many meanings of 'stringer' is a strong supporting beam used in the construction of a ship. On an arcane web-site, published by a graduate at Duluth University in the US (see ). I found a dictionary of Mediterranean Nautical Terms. This listed 'parascosa' as an obsure (presumably old Italian) word for a stringer.

Experience, since I launched the company, has shown that the ploy has worked. If you use a search engine to try and find 'Parascosa', every reference will be relevant and will relate to the services and track-record of the company.

The logo echoes this nautical theme.



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