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My business philosophy


I employ a number of channels to secure assignments. Some of my work has been the result of direct contact with clients but much has been via recognised intermediaries, who are on the Preferred Supplier Lists of major companies. It is important, however, for any independent consultant to maintain an active network of contacts and, to this end, I regularly meet up with other consultants and with relevant industry bodies (e.g. PRMIA and IRM). This networking is also vitally important to keep up to date with the latest trends and initiatives in the industry; thi is also enhanced by reading relevant journals and other material.

I am equally comfortable doing quick-hit (1-3 month) consultancy-style assignments or longer periods (typically 3-6 months) as an interim manager or workstream leader on a project. Whatever the nature of the role, I always try to work with clients (i.e. as part of the team) as opposed to being perceived as a dispassionate outsider. There are occasions, of course, when taking an objective perspective is advantageous as the client wants a critique of processes, systems or staff from an outside view.


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