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In order to be effective in their role, any individual needs to have appropriate skills and relevant knowledge. I have always defined training as giving people those skills and education as providing the knowledge.

I have experience of putting together both training and education material and courses but am equally comfortable in delivering that material, usually to small managemeable groups. We have all attended courses and suffered 'death by PowerPoint' and I prefer to intersperse classic classroom-based 'teaching' with mnore practical group exercises.

These can either be on specific business topics or on more generic skills, such as team-building or communications.

An example of how I have helped clients with their training and education requirements can be found below:


I was tasked with creating and launching, from scratch, a Risk Academy to increase to awareness of risk-related topics acros sthe whole of Group Operations, the 5,000-stong back-office engine of the bank. The Risk Academy was a one-stop-shop portal of knowldge and training on the Group's intranet.

An integral part of the Risk Academy is the Risk Practitioner Programme, which is accredited by City & Guilds and which provides an entry route into the International Diploma of Risk Management from the Institute of Risk Management. This Programme comprises three elements:

  • Classroom-based one-day course

  • On-line assessment of whether the knowledge from that course has translated into understanding

  • An action learning project to show that understanding can be applied in a business context.

In addition to operational risk, the Academy also covers the following topics:

  • Anti Money Laundering

  • Financial Sanctions

  • Internal Fraud

  • Compliance


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