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I cannot remember how old I was, somewhere about 23, I believe but, for some reason, I decided that there were four places that I wanted to visit in my life. These were:

  • Great Wall of China

  • Grand Canyon

  • Machu Picchu in Peru

  • Okavango Delta in Botswana

In 1994 I found myself on a business trip to Beijing and managed to grab a free afternoon to get out to the Great Wall at Badaling. In 1997 Liz and I took the boys to California and Arizona, where we visited the Grand Canyon and flew over it in a six-seater plane. 2007 was our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we visited the remote Okavango delta (the river peters out into a swamp and does not reach the sea) in Botswana. Later in the same holiday Adam bungee-jumped from the Victoiria Falls bridge! 2009 saw us visiting Peru and the Incan fortress of Machu Picchu (click here to see a few photos from that trip).

If I am ever asked what motivates me then my answer is always that, once the basics are paid for (shelter, food, etc.) travel is a key factor. Needless to say, travel has not been limited to the list of four destinations mentioned above. Liz and I have visited Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Tunisia and spent many holidays in the US. Business travel has also taken me to many countries in Eastern Europe, Russia and Argentina, to name but a few countries.

Some photos from our travels can be found on the following pages:

Peru 2009

Romania 2010

Borneo 2010

US Rockies 2011

Madeira 2011

Egypt 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway in US - 2012

Kerala - 2014


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